Our Process

Being part of the HVAC Industry for over 40 years since the late 70's a lot has changed since then, but value and price are still important to the buyers. One big transition is that customers are online researching and are more educated about our industry.After research and development our software was released in 1998  This user friendly software will yield excessive profits do to the effect on how the packages are constructed .The newest version can create up to 6 packages which makes it very easy to up-sell.


When it comes to service customers unless they were expecting to have to replace their system the Service Tech is the the bearer of bad news. For instance, a Service Tech will call me and say I have a customer that needs a new furnace and they need the cheapest price. Then I will ask the Service Tech why do you think the customer needs the cheapest price. Well it’s the same answers every time. Now by example, I explain to the Service Tech that I would like to show their customer three to four options. Then most of the time the customer will the upgrade. A lot of it is how you package your proposals. By only showing one price, then if your customer goes shopping you will be known as the company that only sells one type of system. By training your service techs to follow our system you will up-sell more, sell more equipment and make more profit. This system works with Service Techs with or without sales ability.


New customer sales, a whole new animal. Now many potential customers already have the cost of a new system when they are calling or emailing your company. My system is to engage with a customer first before setting an appointment and to decide which sales person can match the customers needs. I believe that most customers can be sold with a Virtual Sales Manager and a Sales Tech the ultimate two man team. If This system is followed it can be very effective almost all of the time.